Mystic Mtskheta

The highlight of our short vacation was a day trip to Mtskheta, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world. It’s a quaint little city that looked frozen in sepia-mode. The centerpiece of it is the beautiful Jvari Monastery. Completed at 605 AD, it’s probably the oldest building I’ve ever set foot into.

Easy Breezy Tbilisi

Achievement unlocked. I’ve finally experienced international travel with an infant. At nine months, she’s at the best age for her first travel experience. She’s not too heavy (easy to carry), and still unable to walk (cannot escape my clutches). If you’re planning a trip with your baby for the first time, the only advice I […]

Say Yes

  There was a reason why I refused to handle our A-Z Bride Guide this year. Hahaha! After two editions, I got sick of the big white wedding and all things bridal. I won’t necessarily describe myself as indie or unconventional, but I think everyone knows I’m different from most girls. I call it quirky, […]

Cyprus Detour

Paphos is a beautiful town with a confused weather in May. One minute, it’s pouring rain. The next, it’s warm and sunny. But I still think it’s the perfect destination for a family vacation. I’m glad we picked this quaint little town because internet connectivity is weak so everyone is forced to disconnect with the […]

Beauty in the Details

Prague’s overall beauty is equal to the sum of its parts. The massive Gothic walls and sprawling castle complexes may intimidate some, but it’s the thoughtful little details that bring life to every place. It’s easy to behold the beauty of any grandiose setting. But to find something special in the mundane… that takes a […]

A Long Weekend in Prague

Prague has always been on my wish list for years. My well-traveled family and friends had a lot of good things to say about it so I got hooked. Thanks to a very generous year-end bonus, I was able to afford it. It’s nothing short of miraculous, considering I’m forever broke! Hahaha yeah, frequent travels […]

Czech Me Out

Hello from Prague! It’s -5C here and I’m freezing. But that’s okay as long as I get to wear pretty clothes. Tiis ganda muna. I’ll thank myself later. Talk soon! Happy New Year!

Mall Fishing

If you haven’t been to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, it’s about time you do. It’s amazing what stuff they can fit into shopping malls nowadays. Unless you’re an experienced diver, or an ocean specialist, you never get a chance to see these creatures up close. I’m still undecided about how I feel about […]

Moscow Solo Flight

This is it. This trip was really a bucket list moment. I’ve watched and read all about Moscow’s history, art, and architecture; but I never thought I’ll actually see it for myself. It still feels surreal; and I sometimes feel like I’ve woken up from a dream. But no, here are lots and lots of […]