Up All Night


Saturday night, Fighter decided to spend over two hours crying at the top of her lungs. Being sensitive parents of the Modern Age, we quickly consulted Google on what to do. A lot of websites suggest that it might have been a reaction to her formula milk. I’m not sure what exactly the milk consisted of, but based on Fighter’s mood, I suspect it might have been generous doses of Tabasco and crystal meth.

I knew I had no other choice but to stay up and wait for her to calm down. I tried everything. I brought her to the sofa and played FT Island songs. I turned the TV on and let her watch Lost reruns. Unfortunately, even boring shows couldn’t lull her to sleep.

My husband found this online forum where parents said they take the crying baby out for a long drive. Wow, it’s a great idea! That’s what we’ll do. Then we remembered we don’t have a car, that’s why we live in JLT. I was seriously considering squandering Fighter’s educational fund by hailing a taxi at 2am and telling the guy to “just drive”. Only to realize we don’t have one either.

I’ve done several all-nighters before. I once stayed up for two days to watch all 31 episodes of Meteor Garden Season 2. I’ve experienced wild karaoke nights with my college gang where the party lasted until sunrise. I’ve tried finishing a large-scale painting in the wee hours of the night, while being kept awake by the smell of turpentine. But I’ve never stayed up all night taking care of a crying baby. Anyway, she finally calmed down at around 5 am and fell asleep. It left me so tired, dizzy, and disoriented. My already blurred vision got worse. My exhausted mind started playing tricks on me. I wanted to chop a few lines of powdered milk and snort them up my nose. And I’m not sure what happened next, but when I woke up, I was putting diapers on Tuyuk the Bear. This might be our life for the next six months.

Challenge accepted, Fighter. Bring it on!

We’re quickly learning that good parenting is nothing but a sleep deprivation experiment. Meaning, as long as you don’t pass out while holding the baby, you’re doing great.

Although my husband and I have been receiving much family support and knowledge, we’re still pretty much taking it one day at a time. And while we’re very grateful for all the advice received from people whose wisdom we respect and value, there have also been a lot of useless inputs from the randomest people that we… um… neither respect nor value. Hahaha! I swear when I have more time, I’ll write each and every parenting advice we’ve received and categorize 90 percent them as “rubbish”. Except yours, of course. Yours was great.

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