Baby Pink

Hello Kitty

The two most recent scans showed that Fighter is most likely a girl. I did a little victory dance. I was never good with little boys, so I think I’m better-suited with a daughter. When I started telling people that we might be having a girl, everyone expected me to flood our home in a deluge of pink stuff. Can’t say I’m not tempted. Everywhere I go, I see these cute, pink Hello Kitty clothes, pink blankets, pink booties, pink bibs… I want to buy them all! And hopefully in my size too wtf. If you’re wondering whether I’ll ever outgrow my preference for kawaii stuff, I don’t know the answer either. Everyone knows that Hello Kitty-pink is the unofficial uniform of Ah Lians. What else am I going to wear?

But that’s just me. It will be too presumptuous and limiting if I expect that my baby will enjoy the same things as I do. Besides, I’m also curious to see what she likes when she’s old enough to make her own choices. Maybe she will like dinosaurs, legos, and toy cars. Now… even if Fighter turns out to be the all-black, goth, sullen-types, I’ll still be totally fine with it. I’ll smother her with voodoo dolls and matte eyeliners. I’ll paint her room black and buy her scary-looking furniture. I’ll get her a pet iguana. But of course, I’ll have to run a DNA test. I’m sure she’ll understand.

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