22 Weeks

Vayetse the Lion

What they say is true. Life happens when you’re too busy making other plans. It happened to me both literally and figuratively in the past few months. Nevertheless, this tiny human has been very cooperative. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or dysfunctional because of pregnancy. I never had nausea, strange cravings, nor unusual body changes, aside from the growing bump, of course. If I’ve been very moody or snappy at times, it’s not the baby. It’s just me, being my normal self hahaha! So you could say that this is one pleasant, even boring, pregnancy experience.

Probably the only ‘hitch’ is that at five months, no one has confirmed the baby’s gender! At 12 weeks, they said it’s a boy. Then at 20 weeks, they said it is a girl. Well, surely one of them is right wtf. So I continue calling the baby Fighter. It’s just a nickname I made because the ultrasound pictures make me think of a fighter fish, swimming alone in its tank.

Although I’m physically doing well, my emotional journey related to this pregnancy was not as easy. I had a lot to give up (alcohol, partying, and junk food), TWO dream travels to cancel (Mongolia and Kiev, thank you very much!), and my reckless spending habits (goodbye Dolce & Gabbana bag). God had to make me reflect a lot about myself and forced me to reorder my life. But… in the grander scheme of things, He gives you assurance that something magnificent is about to happen, and that we should value our new life, treat it with extreme care and reverence. All the little inconveniences like reduced mobility, mounting expenses, etc will later seem inconsequential because the Lord will always supply what we lack. We still have a long way to go, 18 more weeks, so we’ll take it one day at a time. And by that, I mean we have NOTHING ready for the baby yet (hahaha!) so I hope he/she doesn’t come out early.

What I did prepare was a Cyprus t-shirt (girls can also wear blue, no?) and a stuffed lion named Vayetse. See? Even as a first-time parent, I know what my priories are!

The due date they gave me is November 11. I know that babies never really come out on-the-dot, but I really hope they got it right. 11-11 also happens to be Pepero Day, as if that isn’t celebratory enough!

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