A Reason To Be


There are still days when I have to remind myself that I’m no longer “young”. For me, it’s perfectly fine to be occasionally oblivious to the world because I keep myself sane that way. I’m no stranger to life changes, (I have moved houses more than 10 times in my lifetime) but this time, it’s undeniably HUGE. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will take things with grace and calmness, so I try really hard to stop myself from being over-analytical. What decisions? What future? Let’s just watch TV and eat potato chips all day.

I feel like there are some days when I don’t recognize myself, and it’s not only because of the wedding ring or my growing belly. I do want to surge forward and adapt to this new situation and be the best at it. But I also want to remain stubborn and true to myself– the happy, indulgent, and laid-back me. And I think that is what I’ve been trying to achieve for so long. How to remain blissfully innocent as a mature, responsible adult.

I look around wondering where am I in life? A lot has changed in the last three months and the main challenge so far is to undergo a Lifestyle Overhaul. I can’t say I’m doing very well at it, nor have I gone any closer to figuring out where I am. It’s a very exciting time. This has been such a dramatic change of the best kind. It is an amazing feeling to discover that even after the long-haul journey, what you wanted at the end is what you wanted at the beginning.

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