And Then We Were Ten

Savoir Flair x Moda Operandi 5

SURPRIIISE!!! We’ve grown! Not long ago, you can use an teeny Polaroid to take a company photo. Now you need a wide-angle lens!!!

When I first joined, the company was just a 1.5 year-old and I was the third member of the team. For several months, it was all cozy and small, with just the three of us in the office. Of course, we had a few contributors from around the world and an awesome web team in the US. But when it comes to the so-called “daily grind” in the “HQ”, it was just Camille (the fossil), me (the dinosaur), and the BossLady.

Prior to this, I just came out of an awful experience with my previous company. Although I came out of it armed with good training and work experience, it was still left a bitter taste in my mouth. A few ex-colleagues also gossiped behind my back that it’s a stupid decision for me to move to a startup company, and that we’re doomed to fail, etc, etc. WTF?

I’m so glad that I didn’t let any negativity affect me and my work. And honestly, I never had any serious doubts from the beginning. I came to this company with mostly positive feelings because I received a lot of encouragement from people I trust. To be fair, I also didn’t have lofty expectations. It was more instinctive, I guess. I saw something interesting in the field and a lot of potential for learning, so I went for it. I also liked company’s ambiance and the people I’m gonna work with (all TWO of them haha!). At the end of the day, that’s the most important part, right?

So anyway, in the beginning, I was just too happy to be working in a positive environment so I always did my best, gave my 100%, and let the business side take care of itself. And take care of itself it did! In the past year and a half, we quickly grew from 3 people to 10! We’ve just moved to a “bigger” office last June, and it’s (sadly) too small for us now. It’s crazy! (Hashtag CRAY)

I cannot speak for the company fossil, but me being the dinosaur, I’m still trying to get adjusted. I love each and everyone, and I’m really grateful for our success. It just might take a few more months before I get used to all the energy, the noise, and the crowded-ness. It was very dead and quiet in the old office. It was boring, but calm. Now, everyone talks at the same time; it’s hilarious. At one point, five people will talk to you simultaneously hahaha! I like it. We’ve been secluded for long, and it’s finally time to grow. The downside is that we’ve run out of electrical sockets, and have only one bathroom, haha. From “hearing crickets” kind of silence to queuing for the bathroom. We’ve come a long way.

So… the my whole point is (yes I have one), there’s such a thing as a “perfect” workplace. It’s run by imperfect people who share the same passion, values, and sense of humor. Let me make it clear that our jobs are NOT laid-back. There are several months a year when we’re so busy, you just wanna shoot yourself. But after a hard days’ (actually, nights’) work, you’ll go home fulfilled because you believe in what you do. If you’re job is too stressful, with little (or no) “feel-good” returns, or makes you not want to wake up and go to work every morning, don’t stay.

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