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The stylish sportswear brand Puma recently held a workshop to celebrate the brand’s campaign “Love Thy Planet“. Puma has always been promoting the ideas of sustainability and customization. In order to tie up the two ideas, they hosted a special workshop participated by 100 pre-selected advocates and their guests and friends. The lovely Simone from Brag invited me to be one of the advocates.

The workshop was an introduction to one of the newest development in clothing printing, Lumitype Print Process. Using an environmentally-friendly pigment called Inkodye, it allows the users to print photograph onto any item of clothing. Inkodye needs to be exposed to sunlight during the printing process so what better venue for the workshop than the desert?

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The organizers were able to transform the regular tourist campsite into a creative hub and hosted around 300 participants as we did our best printing our best interpretation of the tagline “Love Thy Planet” on t-shirts and tote bags. Check out our finished products. I’m glad that Glenn attended this with me because to be honest, between the two of us, he’s the one who’s interested in t-shirt printing and DIY. The pug I printed is our office mascot, Zeus. I gave it to Othy (Zeus’s owner) as a holiday present.

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To keep the participants and guests entertained, there was an open bar, shisha, a henna tattoo artist, and free camel rides. By sunset, the workshop was over and it was party time. There was a showband, a DJ, as well as traditional Arabic entertainers. Most Dubai residents have already been to the desert and done all of those things, but this was not your ordinary desert safari. The crowd was infinitely better, and the whole experience was more educational than touristy. Big thanks to Brag for letting me be a part of this event! They really did a great job organizing the whole thing.

To learn more about Puma’s campaign or the Lumitype Print Process, click on the links and watch the tutorial videos on the sites. It is possible to order the negatives and inks online so you can experience this for yourself.

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